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22.05.2006 12:39:10

vim not default anymore on debian...

It seems the debian community prefers nano to vim. With the newest unstable debian installed if you do for example cvs commit you get the nano-Editor to edit your commit-message instead of vi. This happens allthough $EDITOR and $CVSEDITOR are not set.

If you don't like nano and want your beloved vi back again do the following as root:

$ update-alternatives --config editor

Answer the following question with your preferred editor.

This sets the default-editor for the whole system. (There are more default programs you can set with this debian command. Take a look at man update-alternatives)

If you want to set the default-editor for your user only you alternatively can set the $EDITOR variable in your shell configuration (.bashrc for bash):

export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vim

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